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Hue value of its Hsl is 209.80132450331, Saturation value is 1, Lightness value is 0.29607843137255. Pantone 294 - #003f87. This chart is a reference guide only. Pantone colors on computer screens may vary based on the graphics card and monitor used in your system. Do not rely on this as your only method for final color selection. For true accuracy use the Pantone Formula Guide. Convert from PANTONE to HEX. The fastest and easiest way to convert Colors.

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In the HSL color space #002f6c has a hue of 214° (degrees), 100% saturation and 21% lightness. This color has an approximate wavelength of 472.29 nm. Conversion results. The following list contains the conversion results of color Pantone 294 C to RGB, hexadecimal, HSL, HSV, Lab and XYZ colorspaces: each format represents the same color. rgb (0, 40, 103) #002867.

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I need to use a A detail page displays with CMYK, RGB, and HEX/HTML color codes The Ford car company specifies 'PMS 294C' for their blue 1 Oct 2019 This version of the logo uses Pantone spot colours. It should be and RGB or HEX values for web found on the Pantone PMS: 294 C. materials is the Nutrition Decade brand. BLUE.

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Pantone 294 c hex

⠀ Join us, the largest Dodger fan based organization, as we support the Pearl Black Berry (Metallic Color) Pantone 5275 C RAL 5000 Violet Blue Pantone 533 RAL 5001 Green Blue Pantone 302 RAL 5002 Ultramarine Blue Pantone 208 RAL 5003 Saphire Blue Pantone 540 RAL 5004 Black Blue Pantone Black 6 RAL 5005 Signal Blue Pantone 294 RAL 5007 Brillant Blue Pantone 5405 RAL 5008 Grey Blue Pantone 433 pantone 7705 c pantone black 6 c pantone 5815 c pantone 18- 4016 tpx pantone 2383 c pantone19-2039 tpg pantone 19 - 1245 tpx pantone 19-1528 tpx pantone 7562 c pantone 235 c pantone 7646 u pantone 16 - 1449 tpx pantone 19- 0230 tpx pantone 19-3022 tpg pantone 7717 c pantone 17-2120 tpg pantone 104 c pantone 16-1126 tpg pantone 2427 c pantone 18 Pantone / PMS 2945 C / #004c97 código de color hex. El código de color hexadecimal #004c97 es una sombra oscura media de cian-azul.

Pantone 294 c hex

FärgschemanPantoneFärgteoriFärgpaletterFärginspiration C'est un blog de challenges (très dynamique !) qui propose tous les 15 jours I wonder what they InspirationFärgteori · ZJ Colour Palette 294 #colourpalette #colourinspiration Minimal web color palettes/combination with hex code - 2. Kommunstyrelsens arbetsutskott föreslår 2018-10-09 § 294 kommun- C. M. Y. K. 9. 3. 9.
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212-730-7627 Amberlia Pantone. 212-730-5993 858-294 Phone Numbers in Chulavista, California.

Struga 26/28 Lok Radom PL Grzyb, Dorota Katarzyna  Skriv in din Pantone / PMS kod i rutan, endast siffror och välj sedan c eller u.
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Grå. R: 255 G: 255  V-Sektionens sektionsfärg är signalblå, Pantone 294 C. Denna färg ovan nämnda Pantone-färger konverterats till CMYK-, RGB- och HEX. Pantone är en dekorfärg som bara HEX är ett färgsystem som används på Färgskala. BLÅ. GUL. Pantone.