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COCAINE– Coke, Rail, Powder, Bump,. Ride The White Pony  20 Nov 2016 'Molly' or 'moll' was a slang term for a gay man, and for a lower class woman, or a woman selling sex. Although at this time in England sex  The AOD Acronyms and Slang Dictionary is a searchable database of common terminology relevant to youth alcohol and other drug work. Australian Slang: Referred to as Strine, Australian slang is a language of its own. Lid – kid; Molly the Monk – drunk; Ginger Meggs – legs; Gregory Peck – neck  "Molly" also appeared in a French/English dictionary in 1767, as well as in several slang (or "cant") dictionaries, along with other slang terms such as " madge".

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slang Methyl?enedioxy?methamphetamine (MDMA), also known as ecstasy or E, which elicits an intense sensation of heightened energy, pleasure, and empathy. Once someone started passing around the molly, the party really got pretty crazy. I took some molly during dinner so that I'd be at the peak of my high right when the concert started. Molly® Top Definition A term for a sleeve type hollow-wall anchor typically installed into sheetrock that work by using the installation screw to expand a metal frame that compresses the front and back of the anchor to the sheetrock. Holy Moly = Awesome and surprised. You caught that big fish, Holy Moly The original phrase is " Holy Moly ", which originated in the 30's by Marvel Comics characters.

Mora Handdusch Cera S5 inkl hållare och slang hos

by SWAN August 16, 2013 An archaic British slang term for an effeminate man (cf. Molly house and Molly dance) molly 1.

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Molly slang

(noun) Any of several tropical and subtropical live-bearing fishes of the genus Poecilia of the Americas, often kept in home aquariums.

Molly slang

Majvor slang, eller vad som en gång varit en slang. ”Benny”, säger  Lennart, Ulla och Molly Granholm hade åkt upp till sommarstugan. Henrik Bengt-Åke Svedberg hade dragit en slang som löpte under gräsmattan.
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Mollycoddle — Irish slang for overprotect. Moran — Irish slang for moron. Mortaller — Irish slang for mortal sin.

54. Too Late To Die Young. Beach Slang.
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In the UK the drug is usually referred to as Mandy. Other names for MDMA include ecstasy, E, X, or XTC. Bummer is a common and useful English slang word you should know and use. Molly loves and also uses this slang word. She teaches ‘bummer’ using some good example sentences. 2013-06-08 Molly Whop - 1.