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Erlang Shen is a shining example of a Warrior's role in SMITE - control and disrupt. A natural leader in engagements, the Sage wants to find the center of every fight and control enemy positioning with Pin and 9 Turns Blessing, allowing your more powerful mages to land their otherwise unreliable haymaker spells -- at which point your team is sure to win. Se hela listan på This guy's kit feels very weird to me and I can't play him well enough. His 1 is actually fine with me, gives additional power to basic attacks, nothing to complain. His 2: I have a problem with his 2.

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He fits the design-scape that Smite allows and does what he is meant to do very well. The problem is that all basic attack melee characters in smite are the same and so it is boring to see more of them that do the same exact thing. Erlang is really fucking broken. IMO at this point, he's more of an asshole than Susano. He has a free Hydra's lament that procs on every single AA, he has a free Hastalis, he applies on-hit effects extremely fast resulting in much higher damage than other melee AAers, he has assloads of CC, some mobility, shields, good clear, and all of this is on a Warrior with Warrior base stats. "Healing reduced from 150/240/330/420/510 → 150/225/300/375/450.

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Available in the 3.12 Mid Season Update patch, coming to SMITE on July 6, 2016. 2016-07-12 · Erlang Shen; The Illustrious Sage. Protector of the innocent and of the Empire of Zhou. Because I purchased the Ultimate gods pack on sale last week, I have the opportunity to test this guy out in the Arena.

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Erlang shen smite

1 Lore 2 Abilities 3 Skins 3.1 Concepts/Models 4 Achievements 5 Videos 6 Patch changes 7 External links Many are the legendary tales of Erlang Shen. Hearing the riverlands surrounding his home were consumed by floods, he went to engineer new damns and canals. Yet the true source of the disaster proved to be an Smite's Erlang Shen season 6 builds page. Browse Erlang Shen pro builds, top builds and guides.

Erlang shen smite

Next SMITE Cinematic will have Erlang Shen singing ‘I’ll Make A Man Out Of You’ to the other warriors and no one questions it. #shouldn't listen to disney soundtracks when I'm writing #erlang shen #smite #erlang shen smite.
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1 VGS 1.1 VA - Attack 1.1.1 VAT - Tower 1.2 VB - Enemy 1.2.1 VBJ - Jungle 1.3 VC - Careful 1.4 VD - Defend 1.5 VE - Emote 1.6 VF - MIA 1.7 VG - Gank 1.8 VH - Help 1.9 VI - Incoming 1.10 VQ - Ward 1.11 VR - Retreat 1.12 VS - Self 1.12.1 VSA - Attack 1.12.2 VSB - Buff 1.12.3 VSD - Defend 1.12.4 VSG - Gank 1.12.5 VSQ - Ward 1.12.6 VST - Returned 1.13 VT - Returned 1.14 VV - Other 1.14.1 VVG Erlang Shen's faithful companion follows him around the battlefield. The Dog has its own health and damage, inherits protections and penetration from Erlang Shen, and can be damaged by basic attacks and abilities. If the Dog dies, it will respawn at the fountain after a set time, or if Erlang Shen spends gold to purchase it quickly.

See image of Brandon McInnis, the voice of Erlang Shen in SMITE (Video Game). Erlang Shen opens his third eye and analyzes the enemy's strengths and weaknesses. When activated, Erlang Shen gains additional Physical Damage on each  27 Sep 2016 New God Skins Fire Lord Ne Zha Monster Trainer Erlang Shen Clockwork Ao Kuang Ao Kuang Mastery Skins New Voice Packs Fire Lord Ne  6 Jul 2016 Hi-Rez Studios is kicking off their "Summer of Smite" with their 3.12 update featuring an all-new character, Erlang Shen, the Illustrious Sage.
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Erlang Shen opens his third eye and analyzes the enemy's strengths and weaknesses. When activated, Erlang Shen gains additional Physical Damage on each strike. If the buff effect has ended and the ability is on Cooldown, successful Basic Attacks reduce the Cooldown of this ability by 1s. Physical Damage: 15/30/45/60/75 (+10% of your Physical Power) See a recent post on Tumblr from @puchittothelimit about erlang-shen-(smite).